Craft Fair

There was a "Traditional crafts fair" organized on the main square of my city, and I managed to take a few pictures. My favorites were traditional textile crafts and some thrifty goodies while my husband liked the fritters best. There was also a puppet theater for my little girl.


Fashion inspiration: "Mother"

I came across fashion brand "Mother" via this blog. On their site you can find some great photos by Masashi Asada. I like best autumn/winter 2008 (last photo). As for Asada, he won prestigious Ihei Kimura award for the unusual portraits of his family, you can read more about it here and here. And he is cute, too.


Etsy: Mother´s day

Mother´s day will be here soon, so I looked for some lovely gifts on Etsy. If you´d like to see more, my Etsy treasury is here.

1. Nesting bowls
2. Woodlands poppy
3. Silk scarf
4. Pillow cover