Canvas bag

Since I carry this plain canvas bag around, I have many ideas how to decorate it. So I started with the simplest one - I made a  bow, add some lace and attached to the bag. Now I just have to buy more bags...


Fashion Inspiration

Photographer: Paul de Luna
Model: Zen Sevastyanova
Blank Magazine #55
Styling: Sarah Parlow

I found this beautiful editorial on this lovely blog, created by fashion designer Giovanna Mariela. There you can see some fashionable and inspirational things, as well as her own illustrations and designs. Check it out, I really like it.

Etsy: clothes

Today´s Etsy finds are inspired by the idea of wearing only handcrafted clothes. If you like it, take a look at my Wear Handmade treasury on Etsy.

 1. Eco-chic handmade vegan ballet flats
2. Chunky natural round wooden necklace
3. Shoulder bag with adjustable strap
4. Beige loose sundress


Earth day

Photo Credit:US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Photo Credit:US Fish and Wildlife Service
Photo Credit:US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Photo Credit:US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Earth day is here to remind us about importance of preserving our natural environment. This year´s theme "A Billion Acts of Green" should point that every little act of an individual is important contribution to that goal. Here´s 10 little things we can all do. Also, we should not forget to recycle, reuse and re-purpose when doing our craft projects.


Easter baskets

There are many ways to make paper Easter basket, but this time I decided to make it very simple. I used thick scrapbooking paper to make small, round baskets. Then, I decorated them with paper lace tape and paper flowers and put some painted eggs, chocolate eggs and small candies inside. It might be a good idea to hang them on the Easter tree.


Etsy finds: Easter breakfast

This lovely stuff inspires me for decorating a table for Easter.  If you like it, check my Easter breakfast and Easter Treasuries on Etsy.

1. Vintage LuRay Pastels Yellow Creamer  2. Love Under A Magnolia Tree 

3. Lemon Meringue Marshmallow 4. Two Flower Blossom Porcelain Trinket Dishes

1. Eggs, Fine Art Photograph  2. Shabby Chic Cake Stand

3. Cloth napkins 4. Pottery Mushroom

An Exhibition

Two weeks ago I visited a philatelic exhibition named "Japan Philatelic Week". In addition to stamps, the exhibition hosted some origami artists, who displayed traditional as well as their own origami pieces. During the exhibition, a donations for Japan earthquake and tsunami victims were collected. Each donator received an origami crane in returm. The stamps and origami were beautiful, but, unfortunately, I didn´t take my camera, so to illustrate how beautiful Japanese stamps could be, I took some from Post Japan website:

Photos of origami displays belong to this lady. Her work is also displayed at the exhibition, and she is, by the way, a member of British Origami Society. 
Thank you, Sanja!

When I get home, I was inspired to make this origami basket.

Polka dots

I like polka dots on my mugs, pillows, underwear and even shoes. I like to store stuff in small round boxes. And, I just got an idea how to apply polka dot pattern on the boxes, easy way. All you need is to buy a sheet of circular labels in office supplies store in desired size and color (or, you can buy white ones and paint them in any color) and stick it to the box.

Here´s how to make it:

1. paint the box with acrylic paint
2. paint dots in desired color
3. place dots on the box
4. finish with mate varnish

Also, I made this birdie house with my little girl. We found the idea to make it out of wooden laundry clips in some old book, but I didn´t like the way the clips were assembled, so we made it our own way. We painted it in acrylic paint, stick the dots and, finally, put a birdie inside (who, I´m afraid, needs some improvement).

Some more polka-dotted stuff I like:

1. melamine popcorn bowl, Kaboodle
2. coffee mugs, Amazon
3. muffin paper cups, Splatcooking
4. paper plate, Platesandnapkins

Fashion Inspiration: Spring Breeze

Today, my fashion inspiration is this lovely editorial from Vogue Korea, published back in March 2010.

Editorial: Spring Breeze
Magazine: Vogue Korea, March 2010
Photographer: Lee Gun-Ho
Stylist: Lee Ji-Ah
Hair: Chae Soo-hoon
Makeup: Son Dae-shik


Etsy finds: Colorful jewelry


I think this lovely pieces would be perfect to complement my favorite outfit this spring. Check out Etsy sellers  Mano Celebrates and skeptis for more great stuff.


Hello and welcome to my blog.
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