I´ve been to Dubrovnik... Every time I visit such a nice place I wish I had more then my point and shoot camera so I could make beautiful photos. (I should take some photography course as well.)
Dubrovnik is always interesting to me and every time I visit I find something new to me. This time I found small art gallery by artist Romana Milutin Fabris and I really liked her paintings. Also, in souvenir shop Dubrovačka kuća I allays see nice handmade souvenirs.

Fashion inspiration: Sailor Lolita

This cute outfits belong to Sailor Lolita style, a small subset of Japanese street style Lolita. As you may know, Lolita style is inspired by Victorian porcelain doll, and, vice versa, it inspires me to draw and saw little dolls. More about Lolita styles here. Image source: milanoo.com (1,2), twit-twat-twot (3), roboshota (4), lolitapoupee (5) i weheartit (6).

Etsy: nautical

Some lovely things from my Etsy treasury Nautical. My favorites are striped bag, cord bracelet and mini bows.

1. Tote bag
2. Espadriles
3. Cord bracelet
4. Necklase
5. Ring
6. Bag
7. Wallet
8. Bow

Bon Voyage

Like I mentioned before, I was not a fan of nautical fashion until I found this great editorial in May 2010 Vogue Korea, via Fashionising.
I really enjoy atmosphere and styling on this photos by well known Korean photographer Bo Lee.

Bon Voyage
Model: Lee Hyun Yi
Photographer: Bo Lee
Vogue Korea
May 2010

Nautical swap

There was a nautical theme swap organized between local crafters so I decided to participate. For my partner I made striped bag with bow, sketchbook cover and lavender bag and I sent it along with pencil, postcard and hairband. I was not really a fan of nautical fashion before, but this swap made me look closer and I found some really cute stuff out there.

Etsy: Dolly-kei

My today´s  Etsy Treasury is inspired by Dolly-kei fashion style. I like that style very much and I´ll try to find some similar items in my own closet.

1. Flower hairpiece
2. Scarf
3. Velvet jacket
4. Purse
5. Purse
6. Scarf
7. Hairpiece
8. Skirt

Fashion inspiration: Dolly-kei

Dolly-kei fashion is Japanese street style born in 2007/08. The style is inspired by old and fantasized Europe, ghotic fairy tales, vintage flower prints and antique porcelain doll (but in the mystic and a bit scary way).  The style mixes together strong different patterns and bold and unusual accessories, such as tassels from old curtains and tapestry looking bags. Tokiofashionandartfactory is a great blog where you can read more, and Tokyofashion.com is source of more great photos.

Michal Negrin

I´m inspired by this lovely things made by well known Israeli designer Michal Negrin. She has shops around the world and web shop too, but in Tel Aviv there is this amazing visitor center, which is, by her own words a one of a kind place saturated with creativity and optimism. A must see if I ever visit Israel (hope I will).

Shadow box

The idea was to decorate one of those house shaped shadowboxes for my wooden figurines, but I couldn´t find any in local stores, so I decided to make it.
I get wooden parts in hardware store and had them cut.

I put wooden parts together with wood glue, attached a hook on the back and paint it with white acrylic color. Finally, I decorated the background with paper. I wanted to keep the background simple so I used solid colors. Here´s how it turned out:

I can´t wait to make another one for my other collectibles.
Finally, let me introduce you my little guys from all around the world:
1. Chinese couple, I bought them in Shanghai
2. Vietnamese couple, I bought them in Ho Chi Min
3. Maneki-neko, I bought it in Charleston, USA
4. Korean couple, gift from Korea
5. Matrjushka dolls, gift from Russia and Estonia
6. Chicken, vintage pen sharpener
7. Doll, vintage from 70ties
9. Elephant, vintage pen sharpener