Tea time

This tray was very simple to make: I painted wooden tray in brown acrylic paint, add some paper doilies and embellished it with ribbon. It´s perfect for serving tea and chestnuts on rainy afternoon.


Birthday Card

I decided to make a card for friend´s birthday. I was inspired by shabby chic and vintage, but wanted to keep design clear. The colors complemented gift wrap. Here´s the result:


Rain again

This is my favorite rain song. It´s raining here and this is my favorite excuse to stay at home and do some crafts or just browsing the net. HereĊ› what I found:

1. Umbrella Gold necklace 2. Silver Umbrella Necklace 3. Faux Patina Rainy Day Necklace 4. Umbrella Purple Tea Towel 5. Umbrella skirt 6. Umbrella mobile 7. Umbrella pocket mirror 8. Umbrella buttons  9. My umbrellas (brooches)