Trip to Graz

Few days ago I took a short trip to Graz, Austria, which is 3 hours ride from the place where I live. I took a walk through the streets and alleys and admired some buildings, discovered small square full of restaurants and tourists and climbed Schlossberg hill. There is a clock tower on it, remain of the great medieval fortification and it´s well known Graz landmark.


Here comes the rain!

I´ve been away for summer holidays in a place with no internet connection, so I stopped posting on my blog.
Now I feel like I can start again and show you my new inspiration - clouds:

1. Neat potato; 2. Katheyl; 3. Fingerstuck felt; 4. Roomdoodles; 5. Emandsprout; 6. Blacksunshineiow;
7. Craftzee; 8. MadisonCra

This one is a brooch I made from resin and I call it happy cloud. There will be more soon.