Paper earrings

When I bought this lovely chiyogami paper I decided to use it for paper earrings.

It´s very simple:
1. Cut the earring shape from cardboard four times
2. Glue two pieces together
3. When it´s dry sand with fine sandpaper
4. Cover with acrylic base.
5. Paint sides with acrylic paint
6. Glue the paper on and cover with Mod-podge.
Optionally, apply coat of transparent varnish.
 I like this project because variations of shape and pattern are endless 

DIY colar-necklace and skirt

I love Petar Pan collars so I decided to make one. I used felt as base and glued half-sphere beads on it. That simple.

Skirt is also very simple. I was following this tutorial.
I used velvet fabric and cotton lace (I think brown lace would be better but I didn´t find it at local shops).