Gold ribbon angel

I always keep beautiful ribbons and papers from the gifts I get and reuse it. This gold ribbon was on my birthday gift and I instantly knew I´m going to make angel out of it. My birthday is in July, so it took some time to make it, but here it is. It´s very simple to make, so I made photo tutorial:

You will need: two paper balls, wide gold ribbon, narrow gold ribbon, gold knitting thread.

Cute snowman tutorial

I made this kawai snowman out of an old sock (the other one was lost). Except one white sock, I used purple sock, two polystren balls, two sequins for eyes, tiny bit of felt for mouth and cheeks and wool leftover for pompom. It´s so simple to make!

Put balls into the sock. secure with rubber band and mark position of the eyes.

Glue on eyes, mouth and cheeks and sew the opening overhead.
Cut off excess fabric.

Sew ribbon inside.
Make scarf from other sock. Cut rectangle for cap. Sew two ends together and leave top open.
Put it on the snowman's head, pull the ribbon outside and sew the opening

Decorate with pompom.


Ornament wreath

I´ve been seeing and admiring these ornament wreaths all over the internet and I thought they were dificult to make. Then I came across this tutorial and realized I only need wire hanger and bunch of cheap ornaments, so I decided to give it a try.  Here´s the result:

Advent calendar

This year I made advent calendar out of cardboard boxes. I glued them together, sprayed in white and embelish with paper lace, glitter numbers and snowflakes. It´s for my little girl who doesn´t like candies so I put Christmas songs printed on nice paper, hair clips and few tiny toys inside.

Etsy: black swan

I love Etsy so much because I can find so many beautiful things there! This time I found this great accessories inspired by Black swan. I would wear any of them.                                      

Fairytale swap: black swan

For the fairytale swap everyone had to chose their favorite fairytale and make one piece of jewelry, handmade notebook, hair accessory, favorite quote and some small object (I made round box).
I decided for the Swan Lake fairytale and used Swan lake ballet , Swan Princess cartoon and  Black Swan movie as inspiration. I opted for balack and white contrast as a visual highlight of the story and here´s the result:


Inspirational blog: Elsita

I´ve been following  Elsita´s blog for some time now and  I´m fascinated by her great talent, her unique life story and her positive energy. Her beautiful artwork is often inspired by fairytales and is deeply emotional but universal at the same time. When I look at her blog it makes me feel inspired to create something too.
Elsita has an Etsy shop with really interesting stuff. Here is some ofher work I like most:

Etsy: fairytales

There`s a lot of fairytale inspired goodies on Etsy. I like them all, but my favorite is Elsita´s Little red riding hood themed papercut.


There is another swap I´m participating. It´s called Fairytale swap and is organized by this nice lady. I find fairytales very interesting and inspiring as they were once stories for adults, full of archetypes symbolically describing everyone's path thru the spiritual development. Enjoy these beautiful photos!