Fashion inspiration: Dolly-kei

Dolly-kei fashion is Japanese street style born in 2007/08. The style is inspired by old and fantasized Europe, ghotic fairy tales, vintage flower prints and antique porcelain doll (but in the mystic and a bit scary way).  The style mixes together strong different patterns and bold and unusual accessories, such as tassels from old curtains and tapestry looking bags. Tokiofashionandartfactory is a great blog where you can read more, and Tokyofashion.com is source of more great photos.


  1. I LOVE dolly kei. It has become my new fashion obsession. Such a beautiful style and it definitely suits me completely. Love these photos.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I just recently discovered dolly kei and I find it very inspiring. Hope too see more beautiful photos on your lovely blog:)