Shadow box

The idea was to decorate one of those house shaped shadowboxes for my wooden figurines, but I couldn´t find any in local stores, so I decided to make it.
I get wooden parts in hardware store and had them cut.

I put wooden parts together with wood glue, attached a hook on the back and paint it with white acrylic color. Finally, I decorated the background with paper. I wanted to keep the background simple so I used solid colors. Here´s how it turned out:

I can´t wait to make another one for my other collectibles.
Finally, let me introduce you my little guys from all around the world:
1. Chinese couple, I bought them in Shanghai
2. Vietnamese couple, I bought them in Ho Chi Min
3. Maneki-neko, I bought it in Charleston, USA
4. Korean couple, gift from Korea
5. Matrjushka dolls, gift from Russia and Estonia
6. Chicken, vintage pen sharpener
7. Doll, vintage from 70ties
9. Elephant, vintage pen sharpener


  1. I would love one of those but I'd be usless at making it -I have loads of stuff that needs "places"

  2. Patricia, if you have lots of stuff maybe you can use old printer´s tray, like this one http://vintiquitiesmuse.blogspot.com/2010/04/vintage-printers-type-trays.html
    I would like to have one.
    Thanks for your comment.