Polka dots

I like polka dots on my mugs, pillows, underwear and even shoes. I like to store stuff in small round boxes. And, I just got an idea how to apply polka dot pattern on the boxes, easy way. All you need is to buy a sheet of circular labels in office supplies store in desired size and color (or, you can buy white ones and paint them in any color) and stick it to the box.

Here´s how to make it:

1. paint the box with acrylic paint
2. paint dots in desired color
3. place dots on the box
4. finish with mate varnish

Also, I made this birdie house with my little girl. We found the idea to make it out of wooden laundry clips in some old book, but I didn´t like the way the clips were assembled, so we made it our own way. We painted it in acrylic paint, stick the dots and, finally, put a birdie inside (who, I´m afraid, needs some improvement).

Some more polka-dotted stuff I like:

1. melamine popcorn bowl, Kaboodle
2. coffee mugs, Amazon
3. muffin paper cups, Splatcooking
4. paper plate, Platesandnapkins

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