Handmade notebook

My first crafty project in 2012 was this brown paper handmade sketchbook. It´s very simple and easy so I decided to show how I made it.

First, cut brown paper to A5 size and fold it in half.

I made three signatures, each containing 8 folded papers.
Put signatures together and secure with paperclip. Mark four points. Remove paperclip, open signatures and drill the holes with sharp sewing needle (carefully).
Sew signatures together with needle and thread. Start at the bottom hole of first signature, putting the needle inside. Take it outside thru the second hole and go back inside thru third, outside thru fourth. Then, go inside top hole of the second signature, outside thru second and then go back inside to the third hole of first signature, outside thru second hole and back inside on the second signature. 
When sewing is done, secure with paperclips again and put some glue to the signatures and cover with a piece of cheesecloth.
Glue decorative paper to cardboard for cover.
Finally, connect pages with the cover. Glue peace of paper to the cover and part of first page. Repeat on the other side. Put your notebook under a heavy book overnight.

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